First project in 2020: AMINO by MOMOMAI !


Sake anyone? Even tough all dinners and lunches are already fully booked you can always come by for a Sake (that we have from the beautiful Japanese Store Sato!) or a Japanese movie in the evenings. You can also find s selection of Japan related @printmattersstore magazines at amino and combine it with a YUZU lemonade. On some of the evenings there will be music from our friends @frankhonesty , Leo Gretener, and @a.wayes - don’t miss it:) On Sundays there is even a free Japanese class by Yoshiko and delish udon Noodle soups and there are plans to realise a karaoke this weeeeeek! Also @gregory_hari promised to bake a cake - so let’s see! ;) See you around and you can find the program online via @momomaifood ! SUGOI! 🍚🍶🍙🔥💕✨ Amino by Momomai is a project researching on traditional Japanese food initiated by Cécile Mai. Together with berlin based artist Junko Wada and Juri Egger Suetsugu the Amino project brings a little piece of Amino, a fisher village at the coast of Kyoto to Zürich. ( I once spent a month there - it is incredibly beautiful!) The three project organisators met in a onsen (hot spring) right at the ocean in Amino and this is how the project came to reality! I joined the project to do the art direction and design parts. 🍙🍶🍚🍑




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