Since 2010 I have been publishing an annual edition of planners.  

The agendas are the actual core of my work, as it was through them that I found my way to illustration: Back in gymnasium, I was not satisfied with the pre-lined agendas that clearly specified what went where. I wanted space and to be able to create my own structures, so I started to create my own agendas. 

I still use the blank pages as a sketchbook moodboard and collection of ideas. I started with small editions for people in my circle of friends, meanwhile the edition contains 500 pieces per year. 


Until today, my analog calendar is still the basis of my work.

The analog planner is for everyone who wants lasting memories in the forgetful digital age. Turn appointments into moments and your day-to-day life into colourful collages. Plan the week ahead at the coffee shop, take a few sketches at the art gallery and stick in that cinema ticket. Before soon, you’ll be browsing from one stylish page to another and from one exciting week to the next. With its eye-catching design this compact and lightweight planner makes a great companion to take along wherever you go. Neat weekly overviews aside, there are deliberately no lines and other restrictions, leaving you free to explore your own schedule, ideas and designs. So call your planner whatever you like: scrapbook, inspo collection, mood board, journal or agenda. By the way: the high-quality print, robust stiched binding and design are 100% made in Europe.