„MEND“ ist das T-Shirt, designt durch den Zufall.

Aus beschädigten Leintuchern werden nach immer gleichem Schnittmuster systematisch Kleidungsstücke gefertigt.
Da es sich um Jersey Leintücher mit Gebrauchsspuren handelt, sind an unterschiedlichsten Stellen Löcher oder andere Materialschwächen auffindbar. Diese werden nicht herkömmlich geflickt oder kaschiert, sondern als designtechnischer Aspekt hervorgehoben. Dadurch entsteht ein unvorhersehbares und einzigartiges Design, bei anfänglich identischen T-Shirts.



100% designed in Zürich 

100% Made in Zürich 



Die limitierte Kollektion war 2015 im å / amedring Studio, Onlineshop und am Designmärkten erhältlich. 




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Out of damaged pieces of jersey sheets, shirts are made, systematically after the same pattern.
Since it is a jersey sheet with usage traces, holes or other material weaknesses can be found in various pla- ces. These are not conventionally patched or laminated but emphasized as a design-technical aspect. This cre- ates an unpredictable and unique design, with initially identical T-shirts.This mend and upcycle system is ap- plicable to all damaged textiles.Through the realization of my project I was able to acquire versatile skills, which were mainly restricted to manual processes. During this
phase, I partly missed the well-founded re ection on my plans, because I had to dedicate myself primarily to the handiwork transposition. The complex and time-in- tensive process of the processing of textiles was in an unfavorable relationship to the actual core process, the design / patch.

The examination of this work is decisive for further pro- jects, which I pursue as part of my work as a young designer. The principle of „useless“ textiles to be valued so that the upgrading process simultaneously has a de- sign function, seems to me to be extremely useful and desirable. 


100% made in Zurich 

100% designed in Zurich 



The limited edition was 2015 available in the å-Studio, the å-Onlineshop and selected Designmarkets. 











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